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FIFA 21 Demo: 7 things we want to see – Brand New Skill Moves, Manual Heading, Agile Dribbling

2020-09-03 04:57

What do we want to see featured in the upcoming tease for the new and improved game this September? With the FIFA 21 Demo arriving this month, what features do we desperately want to experience before the full game is released?

Improvements to VOLTA

VOLTA 3v3 featured in the FIFA 20 Demo last year, but could we potentially see an online VOLTA feature in the FIFA 21 demo? EA has announced a number of in-game adjustments that have been made to VOLTA in FIFA 21. These include an improved attacking intelligence system, which allows for faster and more free-flowing attacking sequences, especially on the counter-attack! FIFA 21 will see Volta receive similar online treatment to Ultimate Team and Pro Clubs, so could EA drop an online VOLTA drop-in game mode in the Demo? Players would team up in public lobbies and play alongside each other in either 3v3 or 5v5 friendly fixtures.


The FIFA 20 Demo featured the likes of PSG, Dortmund, Manchester City, Liverpool, and Real Madrid, but what teams could we see this year? Chelsea is sure to be a team EA will consider including after their exciting and continuing transfer business this summer. With the arrivals of Timo Werner, Hakim Ziyech, Thiago Silva, Ben Chilwell, and the imminent arrival of wonderkid Kai Havertz, Chelsea will be an incredible attacking force on FIFA 21!

Creative Runs

We all know the FIFA 21 Demo will feature a kick-off mode which will give us an opportunity to get a feel for the new gameplay adjustments, including the changes to attackers’ movements off the ball. The new directed runs feature allows you to take full control over the direction of the runs your teammates make, whilst you can use the directed pass and go to decide where your teammate makes his run after the pass.

Manual Headers

FIFA 20’s headed shots left us all in rage at one point or another, but we can’t complain anymore, as now it’s all down to us to head the ball in the back of the net! Manual headers in FIFA 21 allow you to take full control over headed shots and passes, by sending the ball exactly where you aim.

Agile Dribbling

Agile dribbling is a completely new way of keeping close control of the ball in FIFA 21. This gives you the ability to quickly move the ball from side to side to help dribblers beat defenders and to use fast footwork to help you trick defenders into over-committing to tackles, subsequently giving you space on the ball.

Brand New Skill Moves

Using skill moves to beat the defender in FIFA is the ultimate satisfaction. Three new skill moves will be added to FIFA 21:

Ball Roll Fake Turn

Drag to Heel

Feint Forward and Turn

These skill moves, along with the new dribbling features, will be enjoyable to use with agile players such as Neymar, Messi, and Sancho.

Natural Collision System

A significantly adjusted collision system allows for smoother player interactions all over the field. Key footballing moments, such as goalmouth scrambles and midfield battles will be resolved more naturally, which will result in fewer free for alls and more realistic gameplay.

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