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Available on April 5th

The Announcement of Giveaway Winners: 3.2M BUYFIFACOINS GIVEAWAY (327$)

2020-04-24 09:19


How much you spent on TOTWMOMENTS and FUT BIRTHDAY? You wish to store the FUT coins at the moment? Check the April's BUYFIFACOINS Giveaway, how much the coins can you win?

According to the old rules, check the correct rate of the quizzes first. In total, 10% of friends who have answered 2 quizzes correctly! If you want to play other types of the quiz, welcome to give suggestions to BUYFIFACOINS.

1. Who is the player that both four stars in "SKILL MOVES AND WEAK FOOT" in the top 10 of FIFA 20 PLAYER RATINGS?

A: MODRIC (46.3% Correct)






2. Which player won the four consecutive LaLiga trophies to go alongside a second European Cup?

A: RONALD KOEMAN (13.6% Correct)






Next, the list of 9 winners is randomly chosen by the third party according to the winning rate as long as the event ends. The details are as follows.

① 600k X 1 Winner

② 500k X 2 Winners

③ 370k X 3 Winners

④ 164k X 3 Winners

Congratulations to the above winners! Please contact 24/7 live-chat to claim corresponding prizes in one month! Use it when you buy the corresponding amount of FUT coins at BUYFIFACOINS:

"FUT 20 Coins" – “BUY NOW” – “Voucher” – “Submit” - "CHECK OUT".

Take care of yourself in this period of time, stay and play with BUYFIFACOINS!

Wilson: I tried both methods Player Auction and Comfort Trade to deliver the fifa coins, and I can confidence to said that they are both good. Thanks and good luck!
The customer has bought: FUT 20 Coins

Young_play: At the beginning, afraid of the risk of the banned, their Live Chat told me use up the coins asap will be okay. So it seems safe for the first time, and then I used the another method to get my coins, everything is look good, I will continue to be a customer :)
The customer has bought: FUT 20 Coins

Porterporter: I know this coin site is through the Youtube channel FANGS, it is a best choice and I bought the fifa coins more than 5 times in BUYFIFACOINS.
The customer has bought: FUT 20 Coins


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