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FUT Birthday Card: Steve Mandanda SBC in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

2021-04-08 08:37

As the celebration continues, Steve Mandanda is the latest player to receive a FIFA 21 FUT birthday card. In addition to many new SBCs, EA has also released another Objectives card for you to use, which is a great feature.

French goalkeeper Steve Mandanda is the focus of attention and has a brand new card with 5* skills. Players who complete all four goals will receive 300 XP and 88 OVR FUT Birthday Mandanda cards. 5 * Skilled goalkeepers are novel and not a crucial member of the weekend league setup, although Mandanda is not a bad card overall.

This series of goals is not difficult to achieve. Everyone was packed with goalkeeper squads, which should be a stupid way to spend an afternoon. Since the EA Sports and FIFA 21 team celebrated on April 1, this is not a bad approach.

Mandanda is a new objective item for the FUT Birthday. Additionally, EA Sports released a new Live FUT Friendly called Release the Keepers that players must use nothing but goalkeepers in the squads. A fun and unique aspect is taken on the FUT Birthday. 

EA only increased Mandanda’s goalkeeper stats, including Positioning (+7), Kicking (+6), Handling (+6), Reflexing (+5), and Speed (+5), when compared to his 83-rated gold version.

All targets of FUT birthday All targets of Mandanda must be completed in Live FUT Friendly: Release the Guardian. However, you only need to win one of the five missions, so it is not difficult to complete each objective within a week.

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